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    Yegna Microfinance

    Yegna Microfinance Institution S.C is engaged to make contribution towards the economic development of the country by providing professional and quality financial service to those in demand of it with the aim of adding value in the form of wealth creation and profit making. 

  • Small and Medium Enterprise

    SME Loan

    SME loan is mainly intended for financing small and medium enterprises that are both at a start-up phase or are already in business in urban and rural areas. This loan will be availed to organize SMEs for working capital, fixed asset purchases and to activate & support the business.

  • Employee and Non-Employee Loan

    Consumer Loan

    Consumer loan for employees would be delivered for any personal purpose of employees like coverage of medical expense, payment of education fee, purchase of household equipment and other personal expenditures.

    These types of loans are provided to meet different personal and social commitments other than productive and business engagements. Maximum loan size for the employee consumer loan is up to birr 100,000.00.


Ours For All

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